Sunday, 31 August 2008

This is...

Just had a quick squiz at Three Buttons - and noticed that this weeks "this is" theme from Handmaiden is your favourite fabric/craft shop.

I have to join in this week and sing the praises of my favourite.

Although I adore Patchwork on Central (especially as it is a coffee and walking distance of my house) and think Winterwood felt is the BEST, I must implore you to visit the not so pretty "Darn Cheap Fabrics" in Glenhuntly (and Heidleberg and Newport).

The stock is always changing, and every week they seem to have more. They have a brilliant and ever expanding selection of trims and notions and of course the cheapest silks by the metre you will ever find.

It is a bit of a mixed bag - with bits of everything - but always worth a visit. Even though it is all new fabric, they are largely a remnant business, so everything is technically salvaged and recycled. Which is great for the eco conscious - and a little easier than trawling the op-shops when you specifically need hot pink rick rack!

As far as the "Aladdin's Cave" of fabrics go - I hear that the Job Warehouse actually lets people in the front door these days. I was fortunate enough not to be forcibly removed (as have some of my designer friends who mistakenly tried to "browse") but found the quality not worth the asking price. Still, I'm sure there is some amazing stuff there. And apparently browsing is not forbidden anymore!

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Kirsty said...

I quite agree about the Job Warehouse. I was actually a bit frightened when I went in some months ago.

So lovely of you to pop in. Still no pincushion is as good as your watch. Pure genius.