Saturday, 19 July 2008

The days are getting brighter

I must apologise for the quality of posts lately. Its not that I don't like you - I've just been going through a bit of a blog fatigue patch. Add to that a bit of craft fatigue, cooking fatigue, work fatigue, injury fatigue and of course fatigue fatigue.

But I think it's on the cusp of breaking and when it does I think there will be a gush of new ideas and happenings around here.

The black cloud that threatened to settle in on my mind has been given its marching orders. Starting with a bit of pre-emptive spring cleaning and project completion around the house (plus a little dose of "Ikea Therapy"). If I'm going to be spending more time at home convalescing it might as well look nice and inspire positive thoughts.

So Bernard - the fish who claimed he was not long desitined for this world last Christmas, has new digs. He still "plays dead" just to keep me on my toes but at least I don't shudder everytime I look at the hideous pine stand his tank used to be on. The addition of a bright shiny piece of red furniture has truly transformed the feel of the room instantly.

Not the best photo I managed to take but the only one without a blur of dog with his new chew toy in the foreground.

I also got rid of my giant "hard rubbish" monitor (that used to sound like a WoMD everytime it turned on). The desk has been cleared and for the first time is not covered in random paperwork, giant dust bunnies and crap. Much more conducive to creative works. (Note. Charles Christopher wallpaper - more on that later)

Poor Europa though, has had to find alternative sleeping arrangments (and yes, he did try to climb on top - nearly cutting the new monitor and his own life drastically short). But I think the lack of radiation constantly frying his brain will do him some good in the long term. He has been acting a little strange since the new monitor has arrived. Maybe he's just coming down.

AND I finished my Mirabel sofie(s). But I'll post that later because otherwise I'll be here for hours fiddling with photos.

The final bit of news is that one of my best friends has just bought a beautiful house (today infact - at auction) that is only 20 minutes away. Which is MUCH better than nearly 1,000 kms away.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wordless Wednesday (ish)

Trouty helping.

Was there really NO other flat surface available in the house?

(Note: in addition to my rick rack collection she is sitting on a pair of scissors and my spare wrist splint)

Mirabel softie WIVSP.
(Work in VERY SLOW Progress).

My arm has had a relapse. Don't send well wishes - send drugs. Copious amounts.

Mirabel prototypes #364, #365 & #366, subsection "C".

(Not sure if that stands for Calico or Christ this is taking an inordinate amount of time).

Too bad if you're over Matryoshka. I'm not.

And I've got ideas for about another 6 billion of them so learn to bite your tongue. Due to constant pain in my right arm I also have a very low tolerance for crap dished my way.

So I will be indulged. Nerh.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008