Monday, 11 August 2008

More Matryoshka

Can't say I didn't warn you.

Though rather than threesomes I'm trying to instill a bit more of the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) in my life.

So pairs it is. I really liked doing the larger doll - and will do some more eventually (especially on request) but these guys have a deadline and trying to finish eight smaller softies seems a lot less arduous. Plus I'll have four finished sets rather than only two or three, which when trying to pad out a market stall is a very serious consideration.

"Oh pairs" was a name I trifled with initially, but I guess I've watched too many English TV shows where the aging Dad has run off with the nubile Nanny. So the "au pair" homewreaker connotation is far too strong in the face of a flimsy pun. These girls are far too cute to have to carry around such baggage.

So hopefully, if my arm holds out, these wee lassies will be joining my friend Jeanni who is having a crafty stall at the May Armstrong Childcare Centre's Childrens Market on this Sunday (17th August).

(mind the quick plug)

It is the Centre's main fundraising event of the year (I think entry is $3, kiddlies free) and there will be all sorts of entertainment, crafty bits, cakey bits and some pre-loved bargains - all for a good cause.

It's at Phoenix Park in Malvern East - a park with THE best kid's playground in Melbourne (but then what would I know, I'm just an adult). Well worth checking out anytime of year if you are in the area and have some rug rats of your own. In fact I'd be tempted to "borrow" some just for an excuse to visit. Do a good turn for some frazzled folks you know and steal their kids for the morning!

Starts 9am, with more info here.

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