Wednesday, 10 September 2008

On my desk...

Courtesy of my father. To help with the RSI of course.

Thanks Dad.

I won't ask how he found it (DO NOT GO THERE)

Not quite the look I generally go for.

(But surprisingly VERY ergonomic - something to do with minimised nerve compression aided by her ample cleavage)

I actually blushed the first time I grabbed her by her extremities. I am ever so glad they refrained from including nipples. I feel like a perv, but it's really comfortable to cup my hand over "lefty" while I work.

In fact I've now become quite fond her - I feel I should give her a name (or at least buy her a drink).

Though I can completely see myself having a bit of a "Lars" relationship with her (this is why I haven't succumbed to Blythe. I know it would get weird). So perhaps we should keep it professional.

P.S. If you haven't seen Lars and the Real Girl - do so as soon as humanly practical. A great movie that sublimely surpasses its cringe worthy premise. Definitely in my top 10.


Lilli boo said...

U know Jimmy there's a market for these sort of 'toys'..I know a young man who I live with who would love it!..Your Dad's got a potential market for these things ;-)

potty mouth mama said...

That is SOOOO funny!

Maureen said...

I bet it would be first.
It's actually her teeth that get me...tres porn to be sure.