Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Marketeering Racket

These girls all went to market on Sunday. During the now obligatory last minute trip to Spotlight, I fell under the evil spell of their printed cotton fabric sale. So instead of 4 sets I potentially over committed and slated 7 in total.

And yes I was sewing up till 10pm Saturday night (Jms was a champion "stuffer") but I finished them, every single one. As I cursed slightly wonky faces and unmatched side seams, Jms reminded me graciously that that is the whole point of being handmade.

And I think I finally get it (yes I'm a bit slow at times). Ordinarily I finish a project and think "meh". But this time I was really proud of the results.

Unfortunately due to the usual erratic Melbourne weather factor, there was a lower than expected turn out at the market. But I did sell a couple and they garnered lots of positive comments. As soon as they return from Jean-bean's house I will post photos of the remaining for anyone who is interested in giving them a home.

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