Saturday, 2 August 2008

Belles for Mirabel

Sheesh. Two weeks went by just like that (snaps fingers).

I was planning to deliver these folk to Mikes last week, but alas, my arm has deigned otherwise. And damn it, every time the sun came out, I found myself wandering off to the park with the dog.

I regret nothing.

I also did some chain stitch embroidery on the backs (poxy photo warning) to emulate the real thing. I think I want to play around with patterned fabrics next and I might even try making some with actual little headscarves ...

I can see these getting more and more elaborate if I get half the chance!

The Winterwood felt is divine to work with - definitely worth the trip across town. Next time I might just buy every colour they have in stock. Though that might be just a tad greedy.

(Group hug)

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