Thursday, 8 May 2008

Top 10 things to look at when confined to the couch

1. Pushing Daisies. It has not aired here yet, someone was good enough to send it over from the states - though Channel Nine says its "Coming Soon" (lets hope they don't treat it like Seven did Buffy). At first the premise seams too thin to support a series - but persevere, this show is awesomely good.

Beetlejuice meets hyper-real 50's sitcom whodunit that is futuristic at the same time. It will make you crave pie so much you'll whip out your nicest floral pinny and start rubbing butter in to flour. The writer's strike halted production so the last made episode was re jigged into a season finale.

Pray for season two people. I said PRAY!

2. Avatar - The Last Airbender. I know this has become a Nickelodeon merchandising cash cow - but the cartoon itself is great fun for all ages. A real plot, character development and excellent animation.

Any one who does Tai chi or other martial arts will recognise some of the moves (the animators had lessons in different styles so they could get a real feel for the moves). If you are already a fan - check out some of the chibi style special episodes. What I particularly like about Avatar is that the writers actually care about their characters (even the "bit" characters like Momo and Appa).

3. Peruse the Allison Janney back catalogue.

I *love* her. I suspect I may even want to be her (Gorgeous 6ft glamazon - why not?)

Obviously West Wing is top priority. But when the erudite but sassy dialogue gets to much (155 episodes!) time out with some Juno or even the cute cameo in 10 Things I hate about you. The Hours is a great film - but obviously suffers for Allison's lack of lines (lol).

4. Studio Ghibli movies. Any. I am yet to see one I don't like. Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite (but only just). I have just a little bit of a crush on Christian Bale (the voice of Howl in the Disney/English release).

Excuse a slight digression here - but he has such an interesting film pedigree. Empire of the Sun to Little Women, The Machinist, The Prestige and American Psycho (can't say I can bring myself to watch that one). And personally, I think his Batman is the best.

(Non-comic book folk feel free to switch off here)

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed all the Batman movies - and they have truly laid to rest the Adam West TV series "Boof! Thwacko!" style (that indeed has its own camp appeal). It's just that as the wife of a comic book geek I got to side step the cheese of Batman comics and was given Dark Knight Returns and Killing Joke to cut my teeth on. Tim Burton's Gotham is stunning, but Batman Begins gives the character of Bruce Wayne a provenance and realism more cogent with vigilante justice.

Obviously wrapped lovingly in the escapist veil of fastasy and superherodom and with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Where was I?

5. After all the colourful eye candy, stretch the intellectual muscle with a book - for me its been Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This was required reading back in English Lit class. Unsurprisingly my 18 y.o. mind found it tedious and self indulgent. At Jms' behest I gave it a second go and I am enjoying it immensely. I guess some books find you when you are ready.

6. Zen can be pretty hard going in places so for a moments cerebral pause try "Small Graces" by Kent Nerburn - a surprising little book I found on my Dad's "Toilet" bookshelf amongst the Jackie French collection. Beautifully written, pithy passages that don't preach or have that "Hallmark" saccharine smugness. Genuine and heartfelt (and nice textured paper).

7. Back to the junk food. Mulan. Yes there might be an Anime theme here. My absolute favourite Disney. I know the score by heart (Jms knows the score of Aladdin by heart - we were made for each other). And yes I have a soft spot for Asian aesthetics. Some incredible animation. The cheesy final song is the only sour note.

8. Watch shadows dance across the wall as the sun plays tag with the rain. Consider it wise you did not attempt to hang out the washing. Reward yourself with a snooze - preferably under a dog and/or several cats (extra warmth - saves turning on heater).

9. Realise you are trapped under said dog/cats and legs have gone to sleep rendering self unable to move.

10. Stare at the ceiling rose and contemplate its striking similarity to Takashi Murakami's flowers, though it predates him by about 50 years (and I don't think he ever lived in this suburb).

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Hyena In Petticoats said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pushing daisies - it's one of the best shows I've seen in ages - even when it's being sappy sweet it's brilliant.....

Thanks so much for the sewing tips - I'l definately take your advice with the toiles and the muslins - I expect myself to know everything way too fast!


Leah xxx