Monday, 5 May 2008

High Country Holiday

Had a wonderous break from the couch this weekend.

My step sister A got married to a wonderful man I'm proud to now call family.
A was bitten by the horse bug at a very young age and has spent her personal and professional life working with horses all around the world. Upon meeting her beau she remarked to her Mum "I've met this bloke AND he's got a horse truck!"

Dad graciously chauffeured Jms and I up to Beechworth for the happy event (Driving still out of bounds esp after a painful "test" trip down to the supermarket - two weeks living off the pantry was getting a bit grim)

It was a beautiful county wedding (albeit frightfully cold) filled with horsey folk and gregarious kids. Having now organised one of those - I am keenly appreciative of all the effort it takes (and very glad to not be in the hot seat). Beechworth turned on the colour and was a great backdrop for the picture prefect bridal party replete with horse and carriage. As per usual Jms acquired a gaggle of girls climbing all over him and putting clips in his hair.

I tried my best to keep up with talk of Thoroughbreds versus Warm bloods and laughed (I believe appropriately) when the best man declared the groom used to ride an Appaloosa (apparently not a serious choice for a horseman). My only equine contribution being "I'm a Clydesdale type myself" - without mentioning it's because they have moccasins. Bravely, I think, the bride and groom held a family dinner the night before the big event at Tanswell's Commercial Hotel. It was a really nice way to meet our new extended family and enjoy a great pub meal (with tasty beers from the Bridge Road Micro brewery - Oh how WE love a good porter). We stayed in a villa opposite the reception centre - which was really cool having most of the family under one roof again (my teenage self would be scowling at this obviously middle aged reminiscence)

On the journey back we detoured via Milawa where we picked up some gourmet supplies - Milawa Cheese Factory (all vegetarian - yay!), the Olive shop (the Italian herb infused Manzanillo are SO yummy) and Milawa Mustards (I'd never have guessed how much fun a mustard tasting could be!) to name a few.

Then cementing it as our new Hume Highway family tradition, we stopped at the Avenel truck stop (where they have surprisingly good coffee) and consumed our cheese and olive booty in the sunshine.

It may not have done my cholesterol levels any good but it certainly lifted my heart.

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