Saturday, 31 May 2008

At least I'm not panhandling with a 3 legged dog

Started back at work this week. If you call 2 x 3hour sessions of the most pathetic attempts to be useful "back at work".

3 hours of "Can you do this basic task?" - "No sorry its too painful".

Tried my best to ignore the resentful tone and bitchiness. Hey this is fashion after all - What were you expecting? Sympathy?

Feel like a right eejit as I struggled to put A4 sheets of paper in to A4 plastic pockets.

Really appreciate the quiet word from a senior in another team, saying "Take your time, don't let them push you around".

Watch helplessly as a co-worker struggled with a computer program I could use in my sleep (but apparently not with one arm tied behind my back)

Feeling so demoralised (and in pain) after the first session I had to fight bawling my eyes out on the train ride home.

Swaddling my arm in ice packs and wailing like a banshee, till exhausted, I eventually feel asleep (at 3 in the afternoon).

Rinse. Repeat.

Less wailing the second time though. Thankfully.

P.S. Workcover has finally approved my claim. Yay - we can go to the supermarket! (6 weeks on leave without pay is an added complication I could have lived without)

As Age so aptly highlighted - at least we do have Workcover. If I was in any one of the places in Asia he's worked, it would be just me and the dog.

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