Monday, 5 May 2008

6 unimportant things about me that involve celebrities

Thanks Claire for this little meme into the random and often goofy encounters we have with stardom (which for some strange reason we can't wait to tell everyone we know - regardless of how mundane the story is).

I didn't think I could come up with 6 (I live in an uneventful suburb) but here goes, in all their banality:

I once sold lipstick to Marina Prior - she was a pleasure to serve (and very petite for such a big voice).

I went to law school with Karen Knowles. She was completely gorgeous and friendly - quite an odd thing in the ego world that it was.

Got in Tim Minchin's way as I stepped out of a shop doorway without looking on Brunswick Street. I was quite mortified because this is one of my pet hates (he is surprisingly tall - or perhaps I am just very short)

Tex Perkins commented on how cute our dog was whilst breakfasting at Borsch on Chapel st. Obviously he has excellent taste.

I once fell asleep/passed out on Dave Hughes' couch (it was a share house so couch ownership may be in dispute). I have also witnessed Dave get heckled by random passing traffic. To me this adds to his hapless charm.

Not mine, but Jms (we are married therefore I am entitled to half credit) sent geek boy MTG cards to Delta Goodrem and she very sweetly signed them for him.

I know Jms meets a few celebs through work - but because of confidentiality can't even acknowledge their stardom, let alone talk about it later. Sadly our bragging cachet at dinner parties has been seriously hampered.

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