Friday, 13 March 2009

Completely (t)riveting

I had the fortune of going to Bendigo today. Along with half of Melbourne it would seem.

It's hard to imagine having a burning desire for a trivet. Which, as it happens. I do. It must be the hallmark of affluenza.

Then again, those folks in their adobe huts are probably completely sorted on this front - and are tsk-tsking as we speak.

Given the theme of this weeks crafting exercises (and the other bird projects I had on hand too naff to share) I thought I'd make myself a trivet.

Indeed isn't this what every good host finds themselves doing at 10 pm the night before they have special guests coming for dinner?

But there WILL be hot dishes - brimming with hot food.

So I need something to put them on.

I started drawing bird patterns that might be suitable - but everything was becoming samey. So I tried something a little more modernist rather than cutsey.

I'm not sure it works.

But then again it will be hidden by smouldering (messy) food. It may not even survive it's debut aesthetically intact.

In my 'night before crafting' after a long day I also discovered a few things about industrial grade wool felt:

It is REALLY hard to cut. Hence the plethora of laser cut stuff out there.

You can't dry felt stuff to it. Broke several needles, literally hammering this one home.

You can't hand sew through it. Unless you have needles made of diamond tipped titanium and an index finger of STEEL. But you can bob around the surface and perform some semblance of embroidery.

For a moment it looked like it was going to be awesome - but now I'm just tired and wondering what the hell I am doing still at the computer.

Perhaps it will look better in the morning.


Lilli boo said...

Hey Jimmie, Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes..always good..Nah never wore the wig this year, celebrations as in post VERY low-key! (it was hired last year, boy I'd love to own one!) All is good and hoping we can catch up with a crafternoon soon..I know Jeanni and all of us have been so busy...Hope your well..By the way my word verification is 'crock' hilarious is that! Lil xo
PS Loving your birdy work too...xo

Drewzel said...

It's a splendid trivet!