Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A bit of colour on the sideboard

Things (hopefully) look a little prettier around here.

Last night I finally managed to add some pictures down the side - as you can see.

If you've been visiting here and wondering why it was so drab - blogger let me delete my pictures, but for some unknown reason would not let me add new ones in. So my new year "spring clean" took a bit longer than expected.

Add to that my best beloved installed Vista on my pooter and wiped my only copy of Adobe Illustrator. Yay. But to his credit, its back in all its updated glory - so I can do some more drawings. It doesn't mean that I will though (chances are I will just trawl through old uni files and change the colours).

The ones I have added are a bit crude and unfinished to my liking (and the resolution on Starry is all grainy - WTF?) but a change from having glaring white backgrounds that will slowly dull your eye sight.

(If you are vaguely interested - the old illustrations are over in my flickr account)

PS. The other half also brought to my attention that most folks don't know about 'hover text'. Next time I post a photo - try moving your mouse pointer over the image. Its pretty cool - and sometimes I even make with the funny.

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