Tuesday, 31 March 2009

ABC kids (Italian style)

Earlier this month I was soooo thrilled to discover that Misseri Studio had decided to start a YouTube channel. These guys really kicked off my life-long love of animation.

For those of us who spent their afternoons suckling at the cathode nipple during the seventies and eighties - hopefully these vids will bring back some good memories.

I dare you to resist singing the AEIOU theme song on loop (to the increasing distress of your friends and loved ones).

And just because he was so fantastically animated - I also present a bit of La Linea.

In true Italian style - there was an 'Adults Only' episode La sexilinea. Cicciolina was definitely not a cultural aberation.

(Until I looked her up on Wikipedia I didn't know but she used to be married to one of my favourite artists Jeff Koons - curiouser and curiouser).

But I'll let you find that one for yourselves. We have standards here.

Albeit not very effective ones. But standards nevertheless.


noyab said...

so cool!

Idle Pines said...

Last year a workmate & I were reminiscing about these shows, especially AIEOU. So good to see them again!

thevintageyear said...

Hello! There's something strange about writing this when you are watching TV in the next room...!

thevintageyear said...

Hehe I just realised that sounds awfully stalkerish...

Beth said...

You have just made my day!!! I cannot believe it. My partner and I have been hunting down AEIOU for ages. We love QuaqQuao and Red vs Blue and La Linea always leaves me in hysterics (the naughty episode is brilliant). But trying to find an AEIOU episode has been nearly impossible! Thanks so much for linking this :)