Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I'm sure impulsiveness has its merits

Who goes to IKEA and impulse purchases a FOUR POSTER BED??

YELLOW at that.

(But Jms - It was 70% off, and I've always wanted one since, well forever... and what do you mean I've never mentioned this before, I could have sworn it was in the wedding contract vows...)

You gotta feel sorry for the poor bugger, who then had to construct it single handedly. With onlookers. Exacting onlookers.

Nevermind also that we live in a small, dark Art Deco house. Admittedly the bed formed part of my "live in an lofty warehouse style apartment with double floor rooms" long term goal.

But why wait - life is NOT a dress rehearsal.


Lilli boo said...

God, I love that bed...JMS you rock! I too have always dreamt of a "lofty warehouse apartment" you know inner court yard for kids to play-in and bbq -'uber cool'...Oh well, my 1970's 'tres chic' orange brick townhouse will have to suffice...

pretty essential said...

I wanted one of these! My husband kept looking at me as if I were mad, I couldn't believe the price. He had to drag me away without one ..(sob).. saying all sorts of practical things that made no sense to me.

Are you happy with it? Is it comfy? I might have to go back, alone.

figment said...

i LURVE this bed. i remember when i first spotted her in the catalogue. she's held a special place in my heart since, and there she'll have to remain. but i daresay this is what impulse buys were made for. and at 70% off, you'd be crazy NOT to!