Saturday, 13 September 2008

Through the round window

From PBase.

I don't know what it is about circles - but I find them profoundly restful.

I am always drawn to circular patterns - initially this was an unconscious phenomenon until Jms pointed out that ALL our bedding (ever) had had circular patterns*. Nesting much?

Perhaps it harks back to something innate in (my) primitive brain that seeks security and completeness. Like the Zen art of "enso" or circle painting. Akin to the chanting of an "om" but with the body, the hand and brush circling and circling endlessly until thought is reduced to pure existence.

From Otter Cards.

Or I just like circles.

Especially round windows. I positively ACHE to live in a house with a round window (yes, yet another feature of the lofty warehouse of my dreams).

I know all windows frame a view, but there is something especially nice about the view framed by a perfect circle. A portal to another world.

Don't even get me started on Moon Gates. (I kept Kodak in business when I traveled through China several years ago).

Ideally the lofty warehouse has a sizable garden with Moon Gates too. Though possibly a bit much. Realistically, on my budget, this is going to be a lofty cardboard box under a freeway extension.

From Totara Valley Barns.

There was a photo I recall from an old Black + White magazine (long since ebayed in a misguided attempt at decluttering) of a beautiful round window in a stunning designer home. I think it was from an Andy Warhol photo shoot. I have since seen glimpses of it on a random ABC afternoon Arts shows - but unfortunately never caught the name of it ...

From Grey Lines.

Until I find this amazing Tardis of a warehouse - with cantilevered stairs, double floor rooms (sustainable heating!?) and said round window and the 'magic pudding' wallet to match, I'll continue to wander aimlessly the image search function on Google looking for the window of my dreams.

From Villa Sumaya.

*Footnote - In defiance I last bought stripey bedding - and to be completely honest - it just does not feel right and I can't wait till wash day. Never again.

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Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I just happened on your blog tonight, I like it - a lot!

I'm very drawn to the circular too, always have been. Florence Braodhurst said they are the foundation to all great design, she was probably pissed as a fart at the time, but I like it!