Saturday, 14 June 2008


It arrived almost a week ago - thanks Liz - It's perfect!

Just took me a while to get a decent photo... (I photoshopped out the cat hair)

'twas the cornerstone of my "Sex and the City" outfit last weekend, coupled with my new metallic boots (which incidentally co-ordinated nicely with the curtains at The Sun Theater).

Thanks also (again) to Ms Bollywood for organising an awesome night out and dragging us all over to Yarraville.

And from the post film discussion, I think my husband has proved he is more girly than me... I've never been so proud (except for the time he called me from Vegas and gushed about the Jimmy Choo shoes).


Betty Jo said...

Nice to know your "Sex and the City"
ensemble was enhanced!
xx Liz

shalini akhil said...

hello! i'm loving your blog... loved also hanging out and theorising after the movie, let's do it again soon xox