Monday, 23 June 2008

Fishy Fish... still a work in progress

I had a brain wave about these guys that originally were supposed to be a cushion cover...

Such fiddly little bits that are only machine stitched on - no match for cats, dogs, kiddlies or a washing machine for that matter.

Why not instead a wall hanging - and a good excuse to use some of my kimono fabric scraps which are wasting away in the cupboard?

And quite frankly I'm sick of having to move it every time I want to use my sewing machine (its home for the past year has been draped over the machine cover as it is the only place I can keep it flat without the cats nesting on it).

I finally finished the top stitching and blocked it together with some like minded panels. It still needs at the very least a larger piece above - something tonally similar to the linen - but with a bit of a pattern perhaps?

I'm not convinced that this is its final incarnation (and definitely not its final destination). I have only tacked it all together and not even straightened or finished the sides - but at least it's no longer sitting on the machine.

The eagle eyed will also spot my Mirabella softie WIP. I feel Claire's pain.

1 comment:

Drewzel said...

I like this wall hanging, lots and lots. I luvs me a goldfish.