Friday, 21 March 2008

What time is is?

That last post was a biaatch to edit - too many photos/blogger preview not actually "wysiwyg". I should have split it in to two - but alas my Flu addled breen could not compute anything that logical. I should have just snoozed on the couch and watched Scrubs DVDs like a good unproductive sick person.

Note also my timely case of the flu - 1 week before the work sponsored flu vaccination day. I am SO clever.

Speaking of timely - I present my latest craft offering.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

My work was taken over by a much larger company and although all our patternmaking will eventually go computerised our team still does it manually. This is not usually a problem, but we have also moved offices and instead of having large patternmaking tables each and a separate cutting table, I have been reduced to sharing a table with the senior patternmaker (and both our computers) and still expected to make patterns and cut samples manually. Very ho-hum and not very "worksafe".

Sooking aside, to make my work systems run more smoothly with less space I though it high time I made my pin cushion ergonomic, and reduce the need for bending and twisting every time I needed a pin. Not exactly rocket science. Wristband pincushions have probably existed longer than I've been alive (I refer you to my cleverness as stated above).

A girl I went to RMIT had a watch shaped one that her Nana crocheted for her that was too cute. I was impressed beyond measure and thought from then on that this should be the only form they take.

Given that now I work in an office filled with real live Anna-Wintour-wannabe fashionistas, even entertaining the thought of trying to keep up is preposterous. (Initially I proclaimed I would wear make up and high heels everyday - the heels didn't make it out of the house on day one, the lipstick lasted 3 days). My penchant for wearing jersey dresses and flat boots belies my deep love of high fashion and avante-garde design. And who knows, one day I just might slouch around in Junta Watanabe jersey dresses and Sergio Rossi boots. Till the day I obviously have more money than sense, I figure the best course of action is to run in the opposite direction and wear my hand-quilted, vintage fabric heart on my sleeve, or wrist as the case may be. So geeky, overstuffed and silly Gucci pincushion it is.

And quite frankly I'm glad I was too lazy to change the white thread on my machine. The seam "grin" looks like perfect minute marks.

And Cartier would have been my brand of choice (with a blue button winder) but again laziness overcame the desire to hand stitch in cursive. Call it my first project in the up-and coming companion book called "Cutting-corners Sewing" for the can't be arsed crafter. Probably not in a bookstore anytime soon.


Kirsty said...

I LOVE this.

Kirsty said...

PS: I'd buy that book.

CurlyPops said...

I love's fantastic!