Saturday, 8 March 2008

29th February 2008, approximately 5.03 pm AEST

I got married!

Its been 8 years in the making. And it was worth the wait.

All the handsewing, the 7am dress fittings, the breakneck visits to Chadstone to buy last minute items (sushi, chicken fillets, suits, sushi, pashminas, shirts, sushi, sandals, lipstick, ever more sushi)

Sleepless nights worrying about having enough fabric, enough time, enough food and enough friends. Preparing for monsoonal rains and antartic winds.

Not caring about any of these things in the end because I got to marry the most incredible man in the whole world.

Witnessed by a small but stellar group of wonderful people - whose mere presence made it the most amazing day of my life.

Smiling, crying, laughing and thinking I'd burst with all the love.

Being blessed with sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.

Proud to be upstaged by the cutest flower girls ever.

AND the tiniest flower girl ever.

And the furriest page boy ever.

My heart overflows with love and gratitude to all who made it possible.

Thank you.

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