Sunday, 23 March 2008

Goldfish, Lincoln Logs and the Misanthropic Prophet

Don't get me wrong I think Easter is great (even with the flu - 5 days and counting!)

But it always reminds me of this - one of my many favourite Bill Hicks routines.

WARNING: Some of us Hick's fans can be a little overzealous and some a little "Metal" - so try to look past the power chords and over use of bad visuals. Oh that and the extreme language, absolute adoration of pornography and illicit drugs.

But his words always remain true.

There was a time when I was offended by the blatant sexism and drug use (as a feminist teetotaller should). But I have since learned to get over myself and listen to the beauty (YES beauty) within his monologues. Yes there is rage and bitter despair, but there is also profound wisdom and love.

A soul unfortunately too sensitive to survive in this demanding world.

We miss you Bill. May your weed be sticky and your women big breasted.

Peace Out.

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