Sunday, 30 March 2008

Poivron, Courgette and le petite Aubergine are good friends

There I was cursing the hot weather - and now its gone!

Today it feels like we've skipped Autumn altogether and Winter is sneaking in the back door and quietly stealing the bed covers.

I'd planned to make Ratatouille a la Ratatouille (big ups to Smitten Kitchen for ideas) during summer when all those provencale vegies were in abundance. But what with the general hotness and my general cooking malaise (as a bride-to-be I refrained from going on a "dress diet" unless of course takeaway pizza 4 nights a week is considered a viable weight loss program). So indeed I had neglected to make hay while the sun shone.

But its seems I have been given a last minute reprieve. I stopped in at Macro on the way home from Yoghurt and there were lots of perfect wee eggplant and good looking zucchini at not crazy off-season prices - so with thyme fingered hands I present dinner. (I did take a photo pre-cooking in all its multi-coloured glory but alas the light was a bit wrong and the resulting picture rather sickly - not exactly a drawcard when food blogging. So I redirect you to Smitten, again).

Pretty yummy - and not that watery mush ratatouille often can be. I did a slow roasted version some time back - but this is better (and far less oily). The moghrabieh though is still a little undercooked. Damn you wacky ingredients!

It makes me want to watch the movie again. "Little chef" is now a term of endearment for the dog when he tries to help when I am cooking (ie. be under foot) or when the cats are making biscuits on my pillow at night. I love Pixar. Their partnerships have brought out the best in Disney. And put those Crappy Sheet penguins to shame.

PS. Happy Birthday Dr Jimothy - hope the skiiing was good!

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