Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Yar - my life in a Nutshell

Spent the day noodling around - yoghurt, did some dishes, more piecing on my quilt, had cups of tea and pondered where Jms was in the universe (hence the clock addition). Wandered lazily about the house - noticed a certain slant of light in the bedroom that made blue bear and monkey look kind of swish all cozy as they were on the bed. Got out the camera to maybe blog their technicolour beauty - setting up the shot - just straighten the pillow - what the... Eeewww! The remains of Sprocket's "I'll just repack the contents of my belly" last minute decision.

Needless to say blue bear and monkey did not stay sitting contented but were flung to the nether corners of the room whilst Cato stripped and sanitised the bed. Certain slant of light waned. Cato spent the afternoon wishing the laundromat was internet capable. Oh well - did get to read Inside Out cover to cover and will no doubt dream of Eames chairs and ittalia glassware tonight...

Me thinks it best I spare you the photo for this entry.

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