Wednesday, 21 February 2007

One more (no) sleeps...

Well since my boy went os - the art of sleeping seems to be something I've lost the knack for. Admittedly its been stupidly hot for too long now - and the house hasn't cooled down at all, despite being left open all night (with a security door that won't lock which no doubt adds fuel to the insomnia fire). Not sleeping is something I'm not very experienced with - quite the contrary. The past two years (admittedly a side effect enhanced by certain prescription drugs) I have been not so happily able to sleep anywhere, anytime. Snoozes on the train to Uni, kips on the couch, and afternoon lie - downs in order to build up the energy for a big night of sleep (I'd average about 13 hours a night with more on days with no early starts). Getting me out of bed often requiring several cups of tea, breakfast, lunch or in many a case, loud exclamations of joy or horror from the boy to rouse my curiosity as to what he was doing.

Nights of wringing my pillow into a shape reminiscent of chewed gum led to stealing his less tortured pillow. Even an application of his fragrance to a freshly washed and made bed (mattress turned, pillows plumped and everything) gave just a few hours of respite before I was startled awake and couldn't settle again for the night.

In desperation I went out yesterday and bought a new latex pillow. Following an application of soothing verbena linen water (yummy L'Occitane) - my head and neck slipped on to the beauteous caress of cool marshmallow... unfortunately the rest of my body twisted an tangled and rebelled and eventually sort to find space for it too on my new cool little cloud, and I ended up koala style clinging to it for dear life. In the end I committed the worst possible crime and instead of patiently breathing and waiting for the next sleepy train, I got up and started sewing. Oh and then did some dishes (hey - it was finally cool enough to face a sink of hot soapy water!). And then checked my email...

But the good news is only one more night to endure - so much for independent living. Pacing the house trying to find things to fill my days until he comes back and I can feel a sense of routine and order. Please tell me its just the heat and everyone else feels equally stretched thin and blob-like.

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