Friday, 23 February 2007


Both jms and I have a serious addiction to toys and childrens books.

The discovery of a Powerful Owl feather in the (very suburban) park across the road from our house got us all excited some months back. Having moved back to the big smoke after a stint in the bush, we very much missed our native neighbours. In the context of the current fashion for stylised owls on craft, t-shirts etc I decided to celebrate this discovery with my own little homage to the ultra cool children's artists of my youth such as Dick Bruna and Attilio Cassinelli.

Its some months old now - but it is an important reminder to me of the ability of nature to continue to do what it does best in spite of our suburban sprawl. We may not have a resident kangaroo in our front yard any more - but its nice to know the local park can support a large native bird of prey.

I still miss my eagles tho' : (

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