Wednesday, 21 February 2007

(Actually) midnight patchworking

Only 4 rows of eight completed - realisically I could have pieced it all together but I figured if I had any hope of returning to normal sleep patterns I ought to pretend to go to bed (I still read till after 3am...)

As it is, I'm glad because when I did surface this morn/noon/ish - I realised that just because I was awake, didn't mean I was actually competent... so there was a bit of unpicking to be done. How is it that I can sew a set-in sleeve without too much fuss and line a jacket with a minimum of pain - but getting basic squares to line up? Aaarrgghh. Give me kilometers of 2mm edgestitching to do any day.

Anyways - pox photo - the bedroom colour scheme aint really that lurid (the fill in flash made everything stark and ugly - so I went for blurry and oversaturated). Think burnt orange and sky blue against a bone background (not nuclear Murakami flowers coming to kill you in your sleep) And the quilt itself is predominantly soothing olive tones with turquoise and red highlights. Yes this is part of ongoing obsession with all things turquoise. A certain italian lamp from my friend Suey is to blame. I tried to add a photo of that too - but I'm getting the feeling this will not be one of those blogs with sumptuous pics of my latest projects. Just me prattling on about latest projects. Bugger.

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