Thursday, 13 December 2007

I wonder why I didn't really fit in at Fashion School

I didn't have a collection of plastic bangles from Toxic. I didn't get fake tans or wear giant sunglasses. I shaved my head not because I was a punk but because I couldn't afford a haircut.

We had a very memorable "industry partner project" with a high profile denim brand. Those of us who didn't wear plastic bangles and get fake tans protested for something less vacuous than a brand whose ad campaigns were based on breasts and products they didn't actually sell. In the absence of an alternative I thought I'd just take "military styling" to its logical conclusion as well as make a genuine and heartfelt political statement about the war on terrorism.

My design teacher said, and I quote verbatim "They'll never pick you".

But they were going to be wearing denim bikinis under those veils!

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