Saturday, 15 December 2007

Geek is the new punk

Saw Daft Punk live on Thursday night. It was incredible.

The seamless mix of old and new tracks accompanied by a killer light and graphic show is still sending chills down my spine. I've taken to playing "Alive 2007" really loud and flicking the lounge room lights on and off. If only I had a Christmas tree...

Speaking of lights - a not so small part of me that is now well and truly over 30 seems to be pining for my raver roots (just the dressing up - not the "chemical enhancements"). Some may call it regression, others a sad grasp at fading youth. I prefer to think of it as a legitimate opportunity to express myself with electronics. Viva la MAKE revolution!

Now I have a nice rack all things considered - but fitting DAFT PUNK in 5mm leds across my chest was a bit much - so I figured "PUNK" was sufficiently succinct and still in the spirit of the event. I suggested to Jms that we make him a matching Tee with "DAFT" but for some reason he was not so keen.

Anyways - because I am ever so spoilt, the boy got in some super cool multi-coloured LEDs from our favourite sweatshop in Hong Kong. Some serious soldering and tinkering and voila!

These little babies are great because they automatically cycle through red, green and blue without needing a separate chip.

There was an ever so slight hiccup when we'd not quite got the right resistance sorted and I burnt my fingers while showing off my modded shirt to my co-workers (I work for a fashion company that specialises in t-shirts). But being last minute and all, we couldn't rewire it, so I made my own switch to stop it from from overloading (ie. half unclipped the 9V battery and squeezed it with my hand to complete the circuit). This was ultimately serendipitous because I could emote by making it flash in time to the music (or cycle through the colours because I was dancing too hard to remember to unplug). And there was much dancing. At my yoga class this morning I was all ... wow my neck is pretty sore for some reason ... oh wait (sheepish grin).

Big, big ups to Dr. Jimothy for his leet ticket purchasing skillz. Thanks bro.


jimbo said...

I'm really glad that you (both) enjoyed it. I have officially turned green with jealously (although I don't flash on and off)...

Cate Daniels said...

LOL. U rock