Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Flashback Tuesday Afternoon

I've often fantasised about being a comic book artist - who doesn't? Especially when you consider all the money, fame and creative respect you get. Oh wait.

Snide remarks aside I am a regular reader of several webcomics. There are so many of such an incredible calibre out there in the interwebs. It is a real joy to find a new artist and have the pleasure of their entire back catalogue to spend a lazy afternoon scrolling through. Its like sitting in front of a huge tub of your favourite ice-cream with a spoon knowing you are allowed to eat it all and it won't make you fat. A warning though: both can give you a bad headache.

Jms hooked me up with QC saying that watching the art develop was almost as good as watching the story unfold. I admire xkcd too for having the presence of mind to not let a reliance on stick figures get in the way of an awesome idea. The kind of presence of mind I wish my virgo self would embrace more often.

An afternoon of trawling through old paperwork (ie. throwing crap out) uncovered a few random sketches that I'd scribbled down that I thought I'd share. In all their embryonic and raw glory. It's not called the random acts of Jimmy Trickle for nothing.

As mentioned previously, that is part of the impetus behind this blog. To catalogue all the random sparks of ideas and energy that randomly pop out of my head and fingers in the hope that they might coalesce into something cogent and identifiable. I am jealous of many of these artists because they chose something and stuck with it. Of a close friend many years ago it was said she was "a jack of all trades and master of none". I too feel like I am cursed with this moniker.

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jd said...

That's funny that you wanted the swiss army knife! At least I know what ot get you for xmas next year. It was the only decent present that Dad ever got me. I was always jealous of you! You got the radio controlled porsche car, and a horse and a bike. I seem to recall I had to go out and buy my own if I wanted anything... Oh well. The time dad bought me a skateboard was pretty funny considering we lived, ohh about 40 km away from the nearest place I could use it, so it was - in fact, completely useless. Still the time that Dad completely forgot me at christmas was "endearing". And having Mum completely forget my 21st was also "thoughtful". Anyway enough bitterness.