Sunday, 4 November 2007

Granpa's couch lives on

Lucky me scored the Monday before Cup day off as well - so Ive been able to spend my 4 day weekend getting some big jobs done - such as recovering the couch (excuse the blurry shot but our house is delightfully Art Deco but very dark on the sunniest of days). The new foam was a bit of an expense - but soo comfurtables. I've used linen because its got such a nice hand feel and sheen that seems to be fairly resistant to cat hair - but I fear it may not be sturdy enough to cope with snuffling dogs.

Fortunately it was very cheap (from one of my favourite fabric haunts) so if it doesn't cope it won't be the death of me. I saw some lush Japanese linen that was divine from my local fabric shop, but at $55 p/m it was a little too lux for my budget.

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Anonymous said...

Hey awesome, Grandpa's couchs lives to ride again! I had many a happy hour watching detective shows with Grandpa on that couch. Just looking at it brings back memories of 'kojak' or 'hawaii five-oh'. -JimD