Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Tocktober already?

Not only have I been trying to break into the cheezburger racket, I've also made some submishe to the cuteness mecca that is CuteOverload.

I waited with baited breathe for the calender to click over to the 1st day of the tenth month to see if the genius that is "Tock-tober" had made the headlines.

I was willing to concede that my swan tocks photo wasn't perhaps high calibre cute per se - but "Tock-tober" Come on Jerry - that's GOLD!

Alas gentle reader, as you might have already inferred from my intonation, there was nary a mention of buttocks nor October conjunctions. Dissappointed, Bitterly I am.

Doth this world no longer value the bad pun anymore? Is the use of bad in the previous sentence redundant? Hast this protagonist regressed into ye-olde English to appear more enlightened than said plebeians that shamelessly besmirched mine witty proposal and thus succor mine own cause? Or am I just a verbose git?

I think we *all* know the answer to that one.

But now we all know why swans have such long necks .. for snuffling in the rocks for tasty morsels!

This picture was taken in Z├╝rich a couple of years ago - the water is so clear but surprisingly deep. So that neck is really stretched out (Maybe almost 6ft including the body??) Can't actually imagine what down there would be that tasty - but you are what you eat and we all know the story about how to make swan soup (ie. boil a swan and a stone in a pot for hours - throw out the swan and eat the stone). So I guess nothing that would excite us humans, but enough to make a swan go all out on evolving a gargantuan neck.


Rusty said...

Don't under-estimate the POWER of your fabu photo.

Oh, and thanks for the reminder.


Stacy Horn said...

I saw your photgraph and cuteness aside, that is an incredible photograph. Great work!

shula said...

Have you considered the yoga racket?

As a practioner, I'm very impressed.

Hard to do, y'know.

At dusk here, at a nearby lake, you can't see the horizon for inverted swan bums. I laugh every time.

I'm easily amused.

Jimbo said...

Nice one Cato, everyone loves a good bum joke. I was a tad disappointed you couldn't get a 'guffaw' or 'chortle' in there somewhere. Jimbo