Monday, 11 June 2007

What a week (or two)

For the record, my new job is awesome. I do seem to spend a remarkable amount of my time not knowing what the hell is going on - its so nice good to know age does not save us from being complete n00bs. ahem.
But so far no-one has actually called me retarded to my face and they seem genuinely happy to see me at the start of each working day. So until they change the security code, I'll still keep rocking up and in exchange I will receive more of those wonderful pay cheques.

Aaah - the bliss of disposable income. It's been a while my friend.

True to form I went out this weekend and blew my first pay on absolutely anything that took my fancy. Actually I was really quite restrained (jms - I swear they were all on special). Call me a little self indulgent - but I got a REAL hair cut and colour. Forgive my ego the indulgence.

The rest was really spent on the usuals - new jumper (yikes the morns have been frosty), t-shirts, new jeans (for work of course) socks and undies and the most delectable purple suede boots ever. Suede boots? PURPLE? Yes a tad extravagant. With my flush of funds I did something I never let myself do - and that is go into that certain spanish shoe shop.

I actually thought I'd get a demure pair of flats (with cutsy clothes sewn on them ^_^) But they were just too wide for my very little feets. After trying on nearly everything in the shop - the exasperated but determined assistant said "The only narrow shoes we've got in your size are these purple boots". I nearly didn't bother trying them on such was my disinterest. I mean purple - I only wear black. I only wear black. That's right - I only wear black - and it bores the %$#@ out of me. Goddammit if I'm not tryin' on ther purple boots.


It felt like I was putting my tootsies in marshmallow. I think I actually had an out of body experience. And the "PURPLE"? Well they kinda looked more bluish than plum and would actually look ultra hot with the skinny black jeans I'd just bought. What could I do?

Needless to say I spent the rest of the afternoon proudly sashaying around chaddy with a shoe box the size of a small car. And a smile to match.

It has poured with rain all day - so this is the closest these babies are going to get to being worn till they get waterproofed.

In other news there shall be much more craftyness afoot soon. Just over a week ago I had to go to hospital for day surgery (dear god - how much can two itty bitty stitches hurt?). I was a bit worse for wear after the general anesthetic, but my best beloved in his infinite wonderfulness had arranged for a little present to help speed my recovery.

Yes I am now the proud owner of the essential crafty tome "The Splendid Soft Toy Book". I feel like I have arrived. Its not for the faint of heart. There are some creepy, but indeed splendid, creatures in there. The 70's were definitely an interesting time so far as what adults deemed appropriate for children. The mere mention of the name H.R. Puffnstuff makes me feel nauseous - actually seeing a picture, we are talking fetal position quietly shaking.

I'm serious.

But I'm working through it. And what better way than to make some creatures of my own, plus our little circle of friends is about to get one small person bigger. I think softies are in order.

To the sewing machine!

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