Sunday, 17 June 2007


My yoga teacher emphasised that at this time of year we are meant to hibernate - to take it easy and nourish ourselves.

I was bone tired this weekend, in spite of the short working week, so after my morning yoga class today I spat the dummy and "hibernated".

It was late afternoon before I emerged from my many layers of doonas, blankets and cats. Not wanting to tackle dishes or washing, I indulged my inner child a bit more and finally pulled open my Splendid soft toy book. After all, all work and no play is pretty uninspiring.

Although I had earmarked the giraffe, I instead took a little detour from these guys, and fashioned a nesting doll of sorts. I love matryoshka, and am always looking for an excuse to draw them. I'm pretty sure everyone I know has at least one birthday card from me decorated with them.

I've been wanting to make a softie version that nests as well - but I haven't been able to get my head around the physics of it all. Now that this little lass is complete I think I might just have the answer.

So I guess that technically makes this, a work in progress.

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