Thursday, 28 June 2007


I can't call it workaholism - but all I seam to do is work and sleep. It's like a pendulum - bleary eyed stumbling off to work and then when the sun goes down I get home, crumble in a heap - maybe eat something and then go to bed, to repeat the cycle again.

The weekends are a befuddled mix of the realisation that OMG the only time I have to do the grocery shopping is Saturday morning along with every other person on the planet. AND I've turned into one of those delightful customers who seems to take an inordinate amount of time to locate their purse despite having 20 mins of queuing time to ready herself, manage to drop all my green bags on the floor (especially after the attendant has already packed the shopping) and can't seem to muster anything more intelligible than a grunt when spoken to.

The rest of the weekend is then spent wondering if I really do only have 3 black socks, despite countless searches and only discover the answer to this conundrum on Sunday night when I follow that strange smell and uncover all my underwear, socks and work clothes have gone mouldy from being left wet in the washing machine for too long. God help me if I decide to have children. I guarantee they'd be the ones living off spoonfuls of peanut butter and wearing garments fashioned from pillowcases.

But it's not all bad. It's just cold, and Jms has gone away and I feel a little unsettled because my Virgo self has yet to find a routine. In fact, this week highlights a marked improvement. I no longer have the startled bunny caught in the headlights look at work. I am vaguely competent and don't try and hide under a pile of t-shirts each time the phone rings anymore. There's been some really stressful things happening - completely outside our control - but nevertheless as the middle men it's our head on the block. Yet everyone still makes jokes and laughs (somewhat maniacally admittedly) and it is on the whole a very nice place to work. Which makes bitching about work seam quite unfair, because I am actually really enjoying my work - its just the bit outside it seems to be lacking in substance.

But its on the improve - I actually managed a cooked meal yesterday. Because Jms is away - I guess I'm having a bit of a meat fest. My cockles obviously needed some warming because I've been craving hearty fare. I made Beef Stroganoff last night. My one concession to my vague ideals of healthy living was to have it with wild rice. I usually make a vegetarian mushroom version, that to be honest is completely superior. But its the principle of the thing. While the vegetarian is away the carnivore shall play.

Tonight I went back to an old favourite - Osso bucco with gremolata and pappardelle. Unfortunately I misread Miss Stephanie's directions. Not 45 minutes cooking time but two 45 minute stewing sessions with an extra 30 mins to be sure. It really has been a while since I've made it. Needless to say, I'm not waiting till 10pm tonight to eat. So it's a cheese sandwich and a glass of red (I don't normally drink - but I bought some for the stew and well, its open now so I might as well). Time to fall asleep now in front of the teev.

Lunch tomorrow will be

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I think I have the other 3 socks...