Sunday, 20 January 2008

Take that pin and shove it

Euugh. I have just had an uninspiring dress fitting and my self esteem is having what economists call a "correction".

I know there is a complete and whole block of chocolate in the pantry. I'm hoping that my will is strong - after all it has been there almost a week already (which is a miracle around jms) but sadly there is a definite possibility that the little "glass and a half" it may not live to see the days end.

What's worse - I'd just had a really good yoga class and my teacher complemented my practice.

Unfortunately having someone point out every single one of your body's aesthetic faults can be a little soul destroying. It probably doesn't help that I've come home and started listening to this song on repeat. Perhaps I ought to put on something a bit more "$#@& you" perhaps some Tool, Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein. They're not very girl power though, which I feel is my feminist duty in this situation. I don't really have any "get your war on" music. Maybe I'll just put on some techno and let the high bpm stimulate my serotonin levels.

Or I could just eat the chocolate.

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