Monday, 7 May 2007

If at first you don't succeed


Yesterday was one of those days where I promised myself I could spend the day in bed. However after going to an early morning yoga class, coming home and generally "getting on with it" including doing a massive grocery shop, it got to late afternoon and I still hadn't put my jarmies back on and realistically, it was an increasingly unlikely option. So on the basis that I had nothing to lose (ie. I hadn't planned on getting out of bed, therefore any task achieved today would be a windfall) I figured I'd have a go at the salty caramels again.

Well - who would have thunk it? I followed the recipe (strictly no substitutions) and it worked! What's more - they're really good. I used our beloved Murray River pink salt. Perfect. The only downside I guess is that it makes a lot of very rich toffee. So I guess Jms needs to organise a Poker night quick smart so I can off load some of the goodness. Good as it is, there's no way my fillings would survive. And I'm already very overdue for a dental check up/complete rebuild.

In the midst of the craziness that has been our life for the last month or so (more freelancing, homeless family members, spousal unemployment to name a few) we have also had some very special visitors staying with us. Fortunately they're pretty easy to entertain and love my cooking (grated carrot and mushy peas again? Yay!). The only strange bit has been going to the pet shop to buy live crickets. Eww.

Jms was very antsy to begin with - he thought Central Bearded Dragons were a bit of a naff pet (as did i initially, I'll admit). But a true convert he now spends hours at a time poking the logs and rocks in their enclosure with his "cricket divining stick" and jumping around outside catching bugs and flies to feed them.

3 months seamed like a long time to babysit such unusual creatures, but with the folks due back from up north in a matter of weeks - I think Fred and Vyvian will be sorely missed.

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