Saturday, 21 April 2007

Afternoon Applique

Text based entries have been a bit thin on the ground of late. Partly due to an Easter filled with my first real freelance job as a patternmaker (woo hoo!). What was a big job (but actually pretty straight forward) grew into an even bigger job with the number of patterns to be worked on swelling from 75 to 99. In keeping with this 30% growth I thought it only fair to do the same to my initial quote. Anyway suffice to say there was no wailing and gnashing of teeth when I tendered my invoice - so double woo hoo!

As my first foray - I know in my heart I am well under the market rate - but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Another (not so) small matter keeping me AFK, was that Jms' Mum (ergo my defacto M in Law) has been staying with us. Unfortunately a visit not due to choice or happy circumstance on her behalf. But after some initial rocky days - things have calmed and I must say she has been dealing amazingly well with what has been a major upheaval in her life. It is without question that we would support her through this, but nevertheless house guests do take their toll on the house. And this is a very small house.

But fortunately some secure and appropriate emergency housing has finally been found and she now has a room of one's own. Hopefully this will give her a stable base to take the next tentative steps.

So now with my empty house - and a room of my own I set out to do something for me. My new very boring, but comfy yoga hoodie needed a face lift. And so I turned to my favourite sea monster, the weedy sea dragon. Was very good for the soul to be immersed in craft while listening to the rain gently caress our parched land.

**Jms has just walked in and inspected my work - tis only supposed to be "here be dragons" or "there be dragons". So I guess here be some unpickin' ...

That's better.

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Jms said...

I didn't mean for you to have to unpick it - it still looked v cool! At least now I know _where_ the dragons are...