Thursday, 19 February 2009


Lil tagged me with this meme. Which, as she mentioned, is a welcome distraction in our burnt out neck of the woods.

Normality will creep in the back-door while we try to keep ourselves busy through tragedy.

Admittedly I was at little hesitant about posting this photo.

I tried reorganising the folders in different ways in an attempt to cheat on this theme (the 6th photo from your 6th folder) and uncover something a little more inspiring. To lift our spirits somewhat.

But as though the universe was on to me, every which way I tried to avoid this particular photo, I found myself looking at pictures I had already posted before. Yawn.

Such a drab little picture. No artistic merit (therefore completely inappropriate even as blogging egotism).

It doesn't come with an earth shattering story, nor capture some brilliant experience or moment in time.

It is merely one of those mundane moments of miss shot photographs that litter our hard drives.

We are not so good with the delete button. So we have a lot of pictures of out-of-focus cats, blurry dogs and carpet/door frame combinations. So very unremarkable it can't even be championed as wonk.

I'm sure Sprocket was doing something tres magnifique. Knowing Jms' penchant for certain photographic themes, the dog probably had something unfortunate attached to his face. Usually his own drool.

(A quick perusal of the other photos in the folder confirms this fact). Consider yourself spared.

But it did make me laugh.

At my little doglet that is such a prancing pony and oblivious to his own ridiculousness. At my husband who insists on capturing these puerile moments. A man of such extraordinary intelligence, who still thinks farts are hilarious. HILARIOUS. I love them both for their strengths, but it is their weaknesses, that enmeshes them in totality into my heart.

So forgive me this indulgence, and consider this photo a tip o' the hat to those mundane moments that by aggregate, make up our hours, days and weeks. Largely unremarkable but the essential foundation for the pinnacle events in our lives. And a stark reminder of how horrid our carpet is.

I guess I'm not really a meme girl. I lack the commitment and I don't really have an inner circle of online buddies. Without wanting to reference the old "blogging v high school" chestnut, I'll happily admit I tend to sift around the edges of established groups.

So without wanting to seem like I've just passed you a cursed chain letter, I tag the following blogging acquaintances and friendly strangers:

Kootoyoo, Renegade Umberella and Poppalina. Thanks for stopping by.

(edit: just fixed up the many spelling mistakes. Neither the computer's nor my brain's spell checking seems to be working)

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