Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Don't worry... it says HELF

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Hey - to all you good folks out there in the interwebs - I need some help!

Does anyone know where I can pick up a Nigella Lawson Black Milk jug like the one pictured for my friend Whirly-girl?

Amazon .com and .uk do stock them - but won't ship them to us antipodean Downunder dwellers.

They probably assume us uncultured scurvy convicts don't take our tea with milk - just straight out of the billy*.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - drop me a comment if you have any ideas!

P.S. I could arrange a trade for some vegimite! Though I'll admit that this might be a deterrent for some rather than an inducement :P

*My sifty memories of Grade 6 camp recall that boiled eucalyptus leaves (Billy tea for the uninitiated) served with a side of charred damper was surprisingly good - but I think I was delirious from a 16km hike (not to mention partially malnourished from the "quality" school camp food)


Anonymous said...

You can probably get one delivered to Norway (although not always) from the site. We can hand deliver it in March (maybe too late - I dunno?). JD

Lilli boo said...

Hey Cato,check out this website for kitchen accessories porn (to coin one of your phrases!)...couldn't see the bowl..they may be able to source it for you???
hope to see you soon, Lil xo