Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wordless Wednesday (ish)

Trouty helping.

Was there really NO other flat surface available in the house?

(Note: in addition to my rick rack collection she is sitting on a pair of scissors and my spare wrist splint)

Mirabel softie WIVSP.
(Work in VERY SLOW Progress).

My arm has had a relapse. Don't send well wishes - send drugs. Copious amounts.

Mirabel prototypes #364, #365 & #366, subsection "C".

(Not sure if that stands for Calico or Christ this is taking an inordinate amount of time).

Too bad if you're over Matryoshka. I'm not.

And I've got ideas for about another 6 billion of them so learn to bite your tongue. Due to constant pain in my right arm I also have a very low tolerance for crap dished my way.

So I will be indulged. Nerh.

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