Thursday, 1 March 2007

Family Tree WIP

This is an idea I had for a cushion cover some time back and am just getting around to. Continuing with my obsession with birds (can you blame me? its such a simple and elegant silhouette) I had an idea where I had a perfect excuse to use their motif but actually put the little buggers to work...

I fashioned my own tree design which was transfered to fused fabric and machine stitched to a linen backing. And now for the birds - one for each member of the family (obviously there's room for more babies!). The cushion is for Bronald, Ferg and Imi, with whom I'll be visiting in Syd soon. My last visit there was a flurry of activity and new house decorating - in which I introduced B to the joys of "acid yellow" (border colour anyone?).

Truly an addictive palette - it is fresh, has the wow factor and excitement of canary yellow - but is ever so slightly in the 'cool' spectrum, thus is charmingly soothing and relaxing. A welcome addition to any home. Part gift, part "I promise this colour will be OK..." And as a thankyou to F for putting up with our decorating maelstrom - I've used the beautiful italian cotton from one of his old shirts for the birds.

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